Dr. Ken Jenkins, DPT, PT

Dr. Ken Jenkins, DPT, PT


  • Belmont University - Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Dr. Ken Jenkins, DPT, PT

Coach and Physical Therapist


Ken is a CrossFit Coach and Physical Therapist. He has experience working with NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, PBR, and Olympic athletes. He developed and instructed mobility and recovery courses for the 2018 EXOS Texas combine preparatory group and now works with Dr. Thomas Byrd at the Hip Institute. As a natural progression of his desire to build extraordinary resilience in his fellow athletes, his passion lies in empowering people to live healthy and supple lives.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • The Ready State Level 1 & 2


How many years have you been involved in CrossFit?
What do you specialize in?
Mobility, Recovery, Programming Modification, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
What's your athletic background?
Wrestling, Combat Sports, Ultimate Frisbee, Mountain Biking, American Ninja Warrior
What's your favorite WOD?
What's your favorite quote?
Use only that which works and take it from any place you can find it. - Bruce Lee

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